Hire agreement with Rodeo Wrecks

1. A responsible person capable of exercising authority over children should supervise the equipment at all times. They should be on hand at all times whilst the equipment is in operation; i.e., an adult.

2. When hiring inflatables All shoes and especially sharp objects including, but not limited to, toys or glasses, must not be allowed on the Equipment, nor should silly string, streamers or face paints be allowed.

3. The person(s) hiring the equipment, whether they be the recipient of the equipment or the person responsible for engaging Rodeo wrecks, shall take full liability for any willful damage caused to, or theft of, the equipment whilst hired to them. You must at all times be ready to evacuate and deflate the inflatables if the winds are too strong for everyone's safety. This can be done by either purchasing a wind meter or using your discretion. Health and safety says 24 mph is dangerous. This includes damage where alcohol has been a contributing factor.

4. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the equipment is not overloaded to the detriment of the user’s safety or the failure of the equipment. All sizes of the equipment you are hiring are on our website and will require an extra 2ft all around due to safety. If failure to adhere to this will result in your activities not being set up and no refund will be offered

5. Some inflatables or products have age restrictions, which you will be advised of when enquiry. Rodeo bulls and all other multi-rides are for persons over 1.2 m tall and can climb on the rodeo without any help .

6. The designated supervisor of Rodeo Wrecks equipment must ensure that no person climbs on any safety walls or roofs other than in the supervised process of erecting or dismantling the equipment.

7. All inflatable units come with electric fans.

8. When hiring items from Rodeo Wrecks, the hirer is only insured when a member of Rodeo wrecks staff is present . If Children are not behaving correctly and will not listen to our staff, we will ask the hirer to help assist in the safe running of this activity. At no time will Rodeo Wrecks staff be held responsible to carry on running the activity when children are not adhering to the safety advice given. The item will be closed down and the person in charge of the event will be asked to assist with this matter before starting again. Rodeo wrecks will do our best to ensure that the event is suitably staffed and shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the items are only used when a Rodeo Wrecks member of staff is present. If the hirer will not assist the closed item will not be reopened. A refund will not be given.

9. When hiring a Rodeo unit please ensure you have a clear access of 33 inches or wider to get the base unit through. If the base unit cannot fit through the passage, the item CANNOT be used, no refund will be given.

10. When hiring an item that is being supervised by a Rodeo Wrecks member of staff. This will be for a 4 hour period unless agreed otherwise. This is shown by the start and finish times on your contract.

11. If a Rodeo Wrecks vehicle was to break down on the way to your event we have AA breakdown to come and fix all our vehicles, However, some times they cannot get us back on the road to carry on our journey to get to your event.

we would contact you in any case of break down and also try to arrange another vehicle to come and collect your activities so we don't let you down, this may not always be possible. we cannot be held responsible if this was to happen.

A full refund would be offered back to you If we did not make it to your event.

Location and Conduct of Equipment

1. Public liability cover shall be deemed invalid if the equipment is tampered with in any way by persons other than employees of Rodeo wrecks or if used in appropriately after advised by Rodeo Wrecks staff.

2. Extension leads are to be connected by Rodeo Wrecks.

3. Rodeo Wrecks and their employees are not responsible for any damage or accidents caused by any misconduct by the hirer or any lack of care or attention on the part of the hirer

4. Public liability insurance will be invalid if a Rodeo Wrecks operative is not present at the equipment used, unless the aforementioned circumstance had been previously agreed with Rodeo Wrecks prior to the equipment’s deployment at the hirer’s venue.

5 The area which we are to set up on must not be damaged, the Hirer must ensure they have made all provisions or Rodeo Wrecks cannot be held responsible for any damage. Any delivery obstructions such as stairs or excessive unloading distances from our vehicle to the installation site. In such a case no refund will be given and the full hire fee will be due..Rodeo Wrecks reserve the right to refuse delivery if the venue or site is deemed to be unsafe or unsuitable by our delivery personnel acting reasonably, or if the client has failed to notify.

6. Hired equipment will be set up in one location only as agreed on arrival and will not be moved once unloaded.

7. The company reserves the right to cease operation and remove hired equipment from site if at any time a representative of the company feels that guests or clients conduct endangers the safety of the guests, clients, themselves or the safety of the hired equipment. In such cases no refund will be given and full contracted fees will be due to the company.

8. We cannot be held responsible for being late at your event due to traffic congestion. i.e. road accidents. We always add an hour on our journey for traffic inconveniences. In the event of traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfill our contracted obligations our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or a pro-rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of delayed start. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.

9. If , on collection, our items are not in the condition as they were left in when we set-up, i.ie, Table Tennis bats footballs ect, there will be an extra £100 charge, this will be invoiced after the event and payment will need to be made within 7 days.

10. If parking is not available, an extra charge will be made to pay for a meter/car park at the daily rate. If parking is provided and we receive a parking fine, this will be passed on to the client for immediate payment.

11. By completing the enquiry form regardless of whether a enquiry contract has been returned or a deposit been paid it is deemed that the customer has read, understood, fully agreed and is bound by all our terms and conditions of hire.

The equipment MUST NOT be moved from the agreed venue without prior consent from Rodeo Wrecks.

Prices, Deposit and Balance

1. All hirers are subject to a deposit of at least £100 which is required when enquiry which is non-refundable.

2. Full payment is required to be paid and cleared 14 working days prior to your event date.

3.If payment is not made prior to your event, Rodeo Wrecks will not be held liable for not turning up at hirers event.

Cancellation Details

In the event of inclement weather, the hirer is responsible for the full cost of enquiry whether the enquiry takes place or not.Rodeo Wrecks staff will wait until the weather is suitable to set up or if rain carries on and the ground is too wet to set up on. Rodeo Wrecks have the right to refuse set up on the grounds of electrical and unsafe items .

The Hirer will take full responsibility for full payment if you wish to cancel your event . When you have received our enquiry confirmation, our terms can be read if you wish to do so. Rodeo Wrecks and the Hirer have agreed into a binding contract that if you cancel, we still get paid in full and if we do not turn up at your event we will refund you in full. Once you have placed your enquiry with Rodeo Wrecks, we then cannot hire your items out to any other customer.

  • Non-refundable deposit of £100 is required when enquiry. (Busy periods only)
  • One month prior to date will be 50% of balance.
  • Two weeks prior to date will be 75% of balance.
  • One week prior to date will be 100% of balance.