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Virtual reality games

The ultimate experience has been redefined in Virtual Reality. And it's finally here at Rodeo wrecks. The Virtual Reality Experience allows guests to enter into exhilarating Games, which will be all around them and is truly breathtaking. As guests place on the playstation 4 Headset and enter a new world, others are able to see what each individual is experiencing on our 40 inch flat screen, but they won't know how truly amazing the experience is until they place the headset on themselves.

Here are just a few of the fantastic game experiences available to you and your guests.

VR exercise bike
Pedal to make your car go faster, your horse run, your tank drive, your helicopter fly! Our exercise bike enables players to physically ride the animals and vehicles in these games. Great fun, and a work out to.

Carnival games

This is like being at the fair and playing all the side stalls in virtual reality.

12 games to play

  • Alley Ball: Roll the ball right into one of the holes at the end of the alley – try and get a high score!
  • Ring Toss: Get rings to toss onto pegs for points so make sure you aim for the ones with the most points!
  • Golden Arm: Wind up and test out your arm when you try to knock over the golden milk jug(s) with a baseball.
  • Down The Stretch: Race to the finish by rolling the ball into the holes at the end of the ramp! Be sure to land them into the highlighted hole for an extra burst of speed.
  • Pop Darts: Hit as many balloons as you can with darts but if you feel lucky, you can pop all eight balloons by hitting a moving target.
  • Shark Tank: Don’t hesitate when it comes to hitting a moving target as fast as you can in order to dunk patrons into this water tank!
  • Funnel Cake Stacker: It’s raining funnel cakes! Catch as many funnel cakes on the tray as you can.
  • Swish: Test your basketball skills when you only have seconds to make as many baskets as possible.
  • Haunted House: BOO! Don’t be scared when you jump in this moving cart where you need to shoot as many targets as you can while the cart moves through the Haunted House.
  • Fast Pitch: Strike! Or maybe it’s a Ball – catch each pitch as best you can whether it’s swerving, slow or fast!
  • Shooting Gallery: Quick draw and test your aim while you have unlimited shots to try and hit as many targets as you can.
  • Climbing Wall: Don’t look down! Climb as fast as you can to reach the treasure at the top of the climbing wall.

We also have vr skiing available

Race downhill in Virtual Reality with our skiing simulator. Lean your head side to side to avoid the obstacles and see how far you can get before something solid puts a stop to your run!Working the VR ski poles gives players speed, tilting your head moves you left and right down the slope. Deer, boulders, icicles, eagles, snowmen, fallen trees… They’re all in the way! Hit 3 of them and it’s game over. See how far you can get before that happens

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