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Indoor laser shooting

Safe and fun indoor shooting
An incredible new indoor shooting game. Projected on to a large screen, at least 15 games may be played on this exciting game of skill using a choice of air rifle or shotgun.

Moving targets are projected on to the screen; the camera picks up your accuracy and automatically determines your scores.
This great game is further enhanced with 'country style' decoration adjacent to the screen. An adjudicator/technician is supplied.

Clay Shooting
A classic clay disc shooting game with three difficulty levels, single and double trap modes, and three spreads of shot. The faster you hit a disc, the more points you score.

Duck Hunting
Hunting game in which the player must shoot the flying ducks. Three difficulty levels can be selected that control the speed of the game

This equipment is supplied by one of our own operators who will be in attendance at all times. Full training and instructions for use will be given.


For a quote please ring frank on 07981 252836 or use our Contact Us

Clay Pigeon Shoot
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