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Car racing simulators

The twin seat rally racing system features a link up system allowing drivers to race head to head with independent screen views. The system features a choice of cars and courses is available. The system includes fitted blue LED accent lighting for night time use. CORPORATE QUALITY Please do not confuse these units with cheap domestic Racing Car Simulators which are suitable only for home play where perhaps one or maybe two people have to hop in and out of the seat, these are high throughput units designed and built for purpose. Our racing Car Simulators have adjustable seats just like the seats in a real car, these heavy duty units mean that drivers large or small can adjust the seat to reach the wheel and pedals in seconds using a familiar lever NOT a wobbly screw and a sliding steel bar designed to be adjusted once a night not 50 times a night.

Masses of Fun Our Linked Racing Simulators feature up to four virtual racing cars together for head to head racing on the same track at the same time, you can see one another through your individual LCD monitor, you can overtake, you can bump into one another, you can even see each other in your rear view mirrors. Much more up to date and much more flexible than Arcade Racing Car Simulators Fast, efficient set up and get out times, full technical support and a wide range of staffing options Precision, power driven steering wheels and sensitive pedals, we do not fit the cheapest, we do fit the best, we want our Racing Car Simulators to impress you, not remind you of something you have at home.

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