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Retro Arcade Space invader machine Hire

Arcade Machine Hire in London, Birmingham, and nationwide.

Arcade space invader machine hire for your party or event Here at Rodeo wrecks we have a wide selection of classic arcade games available to hire for your next event.

Add a touch of nostalgia to your event by renting some of our classic arcade games. Whether you're throwing an 80's themed party and want some classic 80's arcades to complement your decor, or you've just got a crowd full of Pac Man fanatics, our arcade games are sure to be a hit.

Step back in time and enjoy the fun of the original 80s video games. Our Retro Gaming styled games machines are pre-loaded with 60 games from this magical era, including Space Invaders, Pac Man and Galaxian.
The table is designed with a flat screen monitor built into the glass top. Most games can be one or two player and features the 'Flip' screen. This means when in two player mode, as player one finishes the screen will flip so player two can commence playing.
Our Retro Gaming machines are easy to use and you can chose from the menu which of the 60 games you would like to play. I'm sure you will enjoy these games, and if you remember these the first time around you can show the younger ones how it's actually done!

For a quote please ring frank on 07981 252836 Email or use our Contact Us

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