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Race Nights

VIDEO HORSE RACE NIGHT In Herefordshire Birmingham, the midlands and all over the uk.

Fund-raising Race Nights

Hire Package - Eight Race Videos, Posters, Race Sheets and Tote Tickets

Operator Package: Operator who acts as both MC and Projectionist

Projection and PA equipment, eight Horse Race Videos

with the Option of a Ninth Auction Race all tote tickets and ancillary equipment from only £290.00 - £400.00

Price depends upon options

How A Race Night Works

A race night is a fantastic way to raise funds for your club, charity, school or society.

There are a few things that you need to do to make your race night a success. It depends upon your objectives for the race night, but most fund raising race night events are run to make the most money.

For tips on making the most money please see our how to make the most money tips. This gives tips for making money before and during the race night.

There are several jobs that will need to be done before and during the race night.

Before your race night you will need to organise the following.

Race Night Promotions Manager - Someone to put up race night posters, speak with local companies to get prizes and sponsorship for the race night. Sell the advanced race night programmes. We also offer Bingo Hire nationwide for corporate event hire.

For a quote please ring frank on 07981 252836 Email or use our Contact Us

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