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Chocolate Fountain Hire

Chocolate Fountain hire in Herefordshire ,Gloucestershire and Worcsreshire.

Whether you are planning a wedding, organising an anniversary, a special party or even a corporate event we can provide your guests with a truly memorable day.
Our chocolate fountain provides a truly irresistible centre piece. A luxurious chocolate tower of pure indulgence awaits you and your guests. Warm Belgian chocolate endlessly cascades giving an enticing aroma to tempt all to an unforgettable treat.


Over our many years of experience we have been asked many questions of which we have compiled the most common below to help you. If you have any further questions that do not appear below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What is the chocolate fountain?

A. A Chocolate Fountain is a device for serving a chocolate fondue style. The basin where the chocolate is kept is warm to ensure that the chocolate remains a liquid and smooth running, the chocolate is then pulled to a centre cylinder which houses a corkscrew auger. The corkscrew auger pulls the chocolate up through the cyclinder to the top, the liquid chocolate then cascades over a number of tiers to create a 'chocolate fountain'.

Q. What chocolate do you use?

A. We only use the finest Belgium Chocolate.

Q. Do you re use the chocolate?

A. We never re use and chocolate from previous events, remaining chocolate is left with the client (if required) or disposed of off site.

Q. Do you ever use oil in the chocolate?

A. This is a common question and no we do not add any oil. People add oil to enable the chocolate to run more smoothly as otherwise chocolate can be very 'gloopy' and will not run as a continuous curtain of chocolate. We however use the very finest Belgium chocolate that has a slightly high fat content than your average Dariy Milk, this enables the chocolate to flow perfectly in our fountains.

Q. What is the setting up time and dismantling time?

A. Times do vary between venues and functions, but our guidance time is an hour to setup and dismantle.

Q. Who sets up the chocolate fountain?

A. With all of our hire packages, we provide two fully trained members of staff to setup and run the fountain for the entire hire period.

Q. What is the length of hire period we can rent a fountain for?

A. Our rental periods are up to 3 hours, this is due to Health & Safety legislation stating the maximum length of time a cold food can be left out above 8 degrees is 4 hours. The setup and dismantling of the fountain does not affect your hire period

This Item is operated by a member Rodeo wrecks Entertainments Staff

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