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We hire games from London to Birmingham and all over the uk.

For a quote please ring frank on 07981 252836 Email or use our Contact Us

We deliver all over the UK, our delivery crews deliver, set up and collect the games at the end of the hire period.We need to know where we are delivering to (nearest town or postcode) and how long you want the games for ( 4 hours for a party, 6 hours for a fun day or several days for an exhibition etc ), when we have those details we can send you a detailed but easy to understand price schedule with no hidden extras and no nasty surprises.

Contact Us to e-mail us don’t forget, we need to know roughly where, roughly when and for how long you envisage your event going on for, we will get back to you very quickly

Giant Jenga, top of the charts in Giant Games Fun, our towers of fun begin at around 3’ high and usually reach around 5’ before hitting the ground, allow an area of around 2.4m square. We keep 6 of these in stock.Giant Four In A Line, ours is a blown up version of this popular game with a colourful frame over 1.2m. wide and 1.2m. high with suitably large coloured discs to play with. We stock 4 of these.

Giant Kahplunk, this one is 1.2m high, can you remove the stick without the balls falling? Allow 600mm square. We stock 2 of these.

Giant Snakes & Ladders, a 3m square, heavy vinyl mat with oversized dice, get it right and up the ladder you go but watch out for those snakes and the forfeit squares too – you might end up standing on one leg.

Darts, Genuine Unicorn Darts Tournament Booth with cabinet/scoreboard, Unicorn hard point darts, if you are not sure how to play e-mail us for some rules, 1.5m x 2.5m. We keep 2 of these in stock.

Giant Buzzer, this really is a true Giant of a game, we stock both 2.4 & 3m. long versions, adjustable height up to 1.2m. high, very heavy counter weighted posts and stainless steel tubes make for a steady, attractive and robust game, all operated from a long life rechargeable battery with a nice, noisy buzzer for safety and maximum impact.

Gertie the Milking Cow, an absolute winner, one glance at Gertie our cartoon cow and the look on her face brings the crowds in, take your place on the stool, place the milking pail in place, wait for the whistle and get milking, the player who milks the most (water of course) is the winner, fabulous fun. Allow 1.5m. X 1.4m. per cow. We keep 4 of these in our hire stock. If you choose two of these this counts as two games and so on.

Giant Twisting, well what can we say, the play mat is 4m. square and an awful lot of people can fit onto this monster (no shoes though please), a matching giant spinner to decide the moves completes the set.

Football Table, High Quality, Freeplay Tables, 1.4m. x 600mm. Please contact us if you need this item delivered upstairs. We keep four of these in stock.

Deck Quoits, cruise ship style floor game, our hand made Quoits base features a wooden pin with 1m square target base and large wooden hoops and a marker point to throw from, a really challenging game suitable for use indoors or out, always a winner wherever we take it, 1200mm x 3000mm.

Air Hockey, superb, high speed action, 6’ table with pucks etc. and a powerful fan. Please contact us if you need this item delivered upstairs. We keep 2 of these in stock. Mains powered.

Table Tennis, a full sized Butterfly Table Tennis Table complete with bats & balls, regulation net etc. allow 3m x 2m. Please contact us if you need this item delivered upstairs.

Giant Shove Ha’penny, another monster, over 1.1m. long this free standing version of the old pub favourite attracts all sorts of under handed tactics to achieve the highest score, groans, moans and lots of laughter accompany this game. (1.2m. x 1.1m.). If you have players that like to ‘cheat’ this is a must for your event.

Bowling/Skittles, our 7.5m. long alley is 1.2m. wide and supplied with a full set of weighted, safe foam based pins and a safe, vinyl (looks just like the real thing Ten Pin Bowling Ball, no need to tell you that skittles is a sure fire winner wherever it goes, a popular competitive and attractive game.

Two Lane Indoor Basketball, especially designed for events such as these, will smaller balls and a netted play area, two players at a time, this is similar to an arcade game with a 30 second countdown timer, with digital score counter, allow 2m deep x 1.8m wide. Battery powered.

Deck Shuffleboard, stunning looking and really great fun, a superb and especially manufactured, low friction playing alley with easy to follow instructions, specially weighted, gliding pucks and 6' long pusher cues similar to those used on cruise ships, one of our very best games, 4.5m long and 1.2m wide.Giant Draughts, great fun on a 10' square mat with giant pieces to match, this is the real giant version, not table top - great for photos, even better to play.

Giant Hoopla, a real eyeful of a game 2.5m wide and 3m deep, this colourful, inflatable game is finished in bright yellow with giant hoops and 5 cacti to try and ‘hoopla’, a great centrepiece for any games event. Mains powered.

Twistair - a brand new favourite, all of our staff love this one, another outstanding game, measuring 1.5m tall and fitted with 16 high pressure air funnels, the object of the game is to ‘float’ your ball on an air funnel at the bottom of the game (easier than it sounds) and then float it to the next (slightly higher) funnel (harder than it sounds) and then the next and so on - then float it into the goal in the top of the game, allow an area 1.9m in diameter for this one. Mains powered.

Indoor Golf Chipping, good fun to play game, chip the ball through the holes in the colourful backdrop, the more difficult the hole the higher your score, inflatable so there is some noise, needs a standard wall socket, safe, plastic headed drivers and special safe balls but the ‘feel’ is superb. 2500mm wide x 1900mm high x 3000mm deep

Body Bits, Giant Operating Game, traditional design with fairground style 'patient', make a mistake, his nose lights up and a buzzer sounds, free standing with hospital balance, extra long life battery powered, colourful and lots of fun 1850mm x 850mm. Battery powered.Saw Bones, Giant Operating Game, 1700mm x 920mm, the latest variation on this best selling game, complete with integrated, digital timer and 3 dimensional, moulded patient who buzzes if you make a mistake,free standing with a hospital green balance, this unit is battery powered.

Pool Table, 6’ long with proper cushions as per Pub Pool tables, not to be confused with domestic or toy tables, complete with triangle, cues, 2" balls & chalk etc. Please contact us if you need this item delivered upstairs. We keep four of these in stock.

Wii Station, indoor fun with a huge range of games (including Nearest the Pin Golf and four player Mario Cart), lots of controllers and a 32” high definition monitor mounted on a commercial standard stand – we keep eight of these in stock. Mains powered.Kinect Station, the latest innovation in video gaming, using digital tracking technology, the player is the controller, huge range of games and software options including White Water Rafting, Sprinting, Bowling and a whole host of other games options. Mains powered.

Batak® Lite is an extremely playable and quite addictive, electronic reaction testing game. Consisting eight buttons mounted in a robust and attractive stainless steel frame to form the Batak Wall. The buttons illuminate at random and players press them to extinguish them, as soon as one is extinguished another one illuminates and so on. There are a number of different challenges to choose from and the game is supplied with a Top Gear (TV programme) style magnetic scoreboard. 1400mm and 850mm deep. Mains powered - battery power is available as an extra cost option.

Delivery and set up is carried out by helpful, experienced and professional drivers who will demonstrate the games to you if you wish.If you are uncertain of how to play the games we can send instructions to you in advance.Industry standard Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Electrical Safety Statements (where applicable) are available on request as is proof of Employee, Public and Product Liability Insuranc

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